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Area (geometry)

Area of a circle
Area of a parallelogram
Area of a rectangle
Area of a regular hexagon
Area of a regular octagon
Area of a regular polygon
Area of a square
Area of a trapezoid
Area of a triangle
Area of an ellipse
Surface area of a cone
Surface area of a cube
Surface area of a cylinder
Surface area of a rectangular prism
Surface area of a regular tetrahedron
Surface area of a sphere


Chain rule
Chain rule (Leibniz notation)
Derivative definition
Inverse power rule
Linearity of differentiation
Linearity of differentiation (Leibniz notation)
Linearity of integration
Power rule
Product rule
Product rule (Leibniz notation)
Quotient rule
Riemann sum
Second fundamental theorem of calculus
Simpson's rule

Mathematical constants

Euler's number
Golden ratio
Imaginary unit
Pi (Archimedes' constant)

Taylor series

Arctangent Taylor series
Cosine Taylor series
Exponential Taylor series
Geometric Taylor series
Natural logarithm Taylor series
Sine Taylor series

Trigonometric function derivatives

Derivative of arccosecant
Derivative of arccosine
Derivative of arccotangent
Derivative of arcsecant
Derivative of arcsine
Derivative of arctangent
Derivative of cosecant
Derivative of cosine
Derivative of cotangent
Derivative of secant
Derivative of sine
Derivative of tangent

Trigonometric functions


Trigonometric identities

Cosine double-angle formula
Cosine sum and difference identity
Cosine triple-angle formula
Cotangent double-angle formula
Cotangent triple-angle formula
Pythagorean identity
Pythagorean identity (cotangent and cosecant)
Pythagorean identity (tangent and secant)
Sine double-angle formula
Sine sum and difference identity
Sine triple-angle formula
Tangent double-angle formula
Tangent sum and difference identity
Tangent triple-angle formula
Trigonometric functions shifts and periodicity
Trigonometric functions symmetry

Trigonometric laws and theorems

Law of cosines
Law of cotangents
Law of sines
Law of tangents
Pythagorean theorem
Pythagorean theorem hypotenuse solution

Volume (geometry)

Volume of a cone
Volume of a cube
Volume of a cylinder
Volume of a rectangular prism
Volume of a regular tetrahedron
Volume of a sphere
Volume of an ellipsoid